K2 Investment Co. Ltd. is an investment advisory company specialized in providing investment advisory to Japanese individual investors in Japan and oversea.
Our clients are individual investors or their private companies in and outside of Japan. They include HNWs who are companies owners and professionals, or even salaried people. We provide consulting services to them focused on the management and the protection of their assets. Japanese investors have two channels for their investments: onshore and offshore solutions. The Financial Industry in Japan does not provide good investments vehicles or services for Japanese investors. More specifically, there are no good Alternative Investments Funds and Life Insurance Products in Japan. This is the reason why our clients are highly attracted towards offshore investment opportunities. The historically high savings rate in Japan for the last decades have built a significant pool of assets that makes Japan a very attractive market for offshore financial services and investments providers.
For foreign Financial Institutions who wish to provides financial products to Japanese onshore investors, the main hurdle comes from our financial regulator, the FSA. As the Japan's Government Debt is 90% owned by its citizens, this allows the Japanese Government to sustain a National Debt which has grown to more than 200% of Japan's GDP. For obvious reasons, the Japanese government is not keen to let its citizen reallocate their savings to offshore financial products. Despite the claims of FSA to open the Japanese onshore market to foreign financial institutions, the reality has showed the opposite, with the Citibank, Credit Suisse and HSBC recent cases who had no other solution than to shutdown their operations in Japan. In short, there is a significant regulatory risk for foreign financial institutions who wish to enter the onshore Japanese market. We propose a solution to avoid these risks to our offshore partners. The law in Japan doesn't prevent any Japanese citizen to invest directly into an offshore vehicle. We are introducing the investment opportunities of our offshore partners to our investors. Any investment is directly processed between our investors and our offshore financial product providers. We facilitate the paperwork between both parties, however no funds nor any investment products transit through our company. This setup allows our offshore partners to sell their products in Japan without the need to establish an onshore office which would need otherwise to be regulated by the FSA.
We have setup privileged relationship with offshore alternative fund companies, life insurance companies, private banks and real estate developers from foreign countries who can now easily sell their products to our investors in Japan. If you are looking to extend your market to Japanese investors, please fill in the form so that we can contact you quickly. We will ask you to provide documents about your company and financial products offering in order to evaluate the best way to cooperate and help you sell your products to our Japanese investors. We sincerely hope to build a long term relationship and create new business opportunities together.

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Company name - K2 Investment Co., Ltd.
Establishment - 2009/6
Representatives - Kei Kawai
TEL : +81 (0)3-6215-8600
FAX : + 81 (0)3-4496-4342
Investment Advisory License : 2299

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